Unconditional Ride or Die

And I’m not necessarily proud of it

Melissa Rock
2 min readMay 7, 2024
Photo by Author.

As Abbi and Ilana inch through a crawlspace in Season Five of Broad City, lighters in hand as they try to “crash” a Lil Wayne concert they don’t have tickets to— Ilana speaks a concept into existence that had not surfaced for me. And we’re talking about Lil Wayne, yes, that Lil Wayne. The rapper.

Abbi: “He sounds different right?”

Ilana: “Yeah…I love how I don’t necessarily love it, you know. I’m an unconditional ride or die for him”

Do you have those people in your life, or maybe people in the media who you’re exposed to regularly who get a pass?

This species of human can do no wrong. And if they do, your love does not fail. True acceptance.

And they, as well as myself, will be the first to tell you they’re not perfect. I mean, we’re talking about Lil Wayne here.

My unconditional ride-or-dies may have made many moves throughout my observation: shown vulnerability, apologized, exhibited authenticity, explained their reasoning and conclusions, admitted their faults, and acknowledged tactics for bettering themselves.

I add my favorites to the “ride or die” bank and hold on dearly. In this bank, they can do no wrong.